lord huron (sonuvapreacherr) wrote in bad_seeds,
lord huron

beware of strangers bearing gifts

hey. new meat here.

i'm terrible with introductions, so i thought i'd come with icons instead.



all for free. so no need to comment, credit, or whatever. :D
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OMG. Do you have the original picture for the icon in line two on the left? I vaguely/obsessively collect Nick pictures but I don't think I've ever seen that one before.

These icons are great, by the way.
This one?

And thanks! :D
Ha. Okay, slight brain malfunction there. I meant the one on the *right* in the first column, the one where he's got long hair and he's touching his lips and looking at the camera. It's been a long day.
lol that's okay! it must've been a long day for the both of us, 'cause I pulled the one from third line.

heeere you go
Gah. That's a fantastic picture. Thank you. &hearts
Nice introduction. I took some for later use.


Also, do you have the originals of these two too?
Sorry for the late reply!

Here you go :)
Photobucket Photobucket
Thank you!
These are beautiful, thank you!
you're very welcome
Took them all. Great icons =D
Thanks! :D